Texting while driving


Texting and driving are the act of someone writing, sending and reading text messages on the cellphone while driving at the same time. Texting is sometimes a preferable way of communicating with someone as it is faster and easier. Texting while driving nowadays has become a social norm despite the fact is dangerous distractions. It is a growing trend and regional epidemic which has become a great killer. Many drivers always think they can handle texting while driving or operating a motor vehicle at the same time. Undoubtedly they result in the dangerous, life-threatening accidents due to texting distractions.

In some countries, the habit has been either outlawed or banned. Some studies have shown that most of the accidents especially those involving private cars vehicles are caused because the drivers were texting while driving. Apparently 18% of the fatal accidents that have occurred as a result of this and more than a few of them involve teenagers. Drivers of age 18-20 involved in accidents admit to texting on their cellphones at the time of the crash.

Texting while driving is not a habit that should be tolerated. Although sometimes one needs to respond to an urgent message, the conversation can cause a major distraction. Driving or operating motor vehicle requires some good bit of attention especially one is driving on a busy highway. It becomes extremely dangerous to be distracted; it makes you unsafe and more likely to crash. According to the national safety council export, it is estimated that 20 percent of crashes in 2013 involved people either talking or texting on handheld and hands-free cellphones. Many mobile companies have developed applications that can deter someone from texting while driving. For instance cell, control helps families and fleets to stop texting while driving.


To control this habit of texting while driving, there is the need to develop appropriate legislation. If people learn that they will be judged heavily if found texting while driving they are likely to stop the habit. By doing these, we would have minimized the distractions and making our roads safer. (transportation)

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