Be it the Perpetual Amplification and Polarization of Motivational/Inspirational Energies, Various Contextual Talks on the Social Web, or most specifically regarding Social Media Etiquette and Best Practices.  It is first and foremost my passion to see in real time the emotional frequency of the masses to ascend into higher and higher states of sustainable bliss.


Personal, Corporate, and Brand Mechanic:

Happy employees are productive employees, appreciated employees are loyal employees.  You may or may not perceive it, but your customers, clients, fans, they are also your employees; paradoxically you too are employee to all of them.  There are written, official, unofficial, and custom social and professional contracts at play at all times; these dictate the ebb and flow of every conceivable aspect of your acts and operations.

From work-flow processes, to motivational mashups, to  innovation or reorganization via think-tank deployment.


Social Web Etiquette and Best Practices:

     Full Social Web Audit (Day 1) + 1 Full Regular Day (Day 2, Doors Open to Close) on site/on call.

First day doors open and this day is spent in “social audit”.

Will analyze each detail of the company, brand, personality, or organization’s habits, tools, and processes for socializing via it’s chosen forms of web-bound medias.  Compose and complete “Social Audit” report for distribution to appropriate parties on day 2.


Second Day “Social Audit” is distributed; Social Audit is reviewed in stages throughout the day.

[What You Are Currently Doing;  What You Currently Have;  What Your Currently Harvesting] ~

Rounding off the morning and heading into mid day we begin:

[What We Can Do To Increase The Potency and Polarity of Our Social Influence;  Who-How-What-When-Why-Where;  The Balancing and Sacrificing Per Unique Circumstances While Engaged in Social Activity]

While Day 2 is an all-day-open-floor for questions, the second half of day 2 is dedicated to such.

Finishing the day working with those who seek one-on-one training, direction, or just a boost in their efforts to amplify the personality/individuality of the social presence at hand.