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Cultural and religion diversity are a reality, and it takes one’s courage to embrace and accept his or her belief to be able to cope in a community. Diversity impacts many people and therefore having a common purpose and values can drive the community in the right direction. According to the events done by Bassam Tariq including putting up 30 Mosques, his film “These Birds can Walk” and put up a butchery. It shows the benefits of embracing the diversity as being in- depth knowledge of different Muslim beliefs and practices and helps believers to understand the beauty of Islam. When Bassam put up Halal butchery, even non-Muslims bought their meat meaning they gave non-Muslims the chance to adjust and adapt to the Islam culture and belief.

Language as a barrier to diversity presents a huge challenge to effective communication. If people come from a different culture but speak the same language, the way they interpret communication is different. When I travel abroad, communication is always a barrier, although some countries speak English the meaning and interpretation is different. To overcome this barrier, one should show consideration for other cultural norms help fit in the foreign country. According to (cite) if students attend college in a foreign country they encounter unfamiliar cultural setting; therefore students should adjust to the new culture without sacrificing their culture identity, a process known as Transculturation. Another strategy to overcome the communication barrier is to have awareness and understanding of cultural similarities and differences and to understand their importance and meaning. To overcome the barrier of communication one should discover, value and commit to what we share in common.

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