The relevant part of the story begins roughly 4 years ago, with a desire to “broker” freight and logistics operations. I opened a Twitter account…

I opened the account, thought, I can speak to, and sell to the whole world, free, this will be too easy~!! Boy was I wrong… I followed tons of companies who were verifiably moving literal tons of freight, and doing so regularly, nearly ZERO followed me back. I ceased logging into the account (Prematurely giving up), accrediting it to a fad, of which I’ve likely missed the boat on anyways.

About 6 months passed, I (Being influenced by the desire to work a different angle in a different arena) revisited my Twitter account, renaming it from LogisticsDr to GratefulEnergy; A passion of mine has always been inspiration/motivation delivered through my various metaphors and sayings and such. Now this time, I thought, forget trying to “Sell” in the Social Web. Instead, let me speak on what I am passionate about, letting my unique personality and perspectives shine brightly through.

I stopped valuing any and all connections, and starting focusing on those that were either interacting with me, or were at the least, active and interacting with others regarding that which I was also themed to interact on.

This took not only the harvests of followers into dramatic increases, but immensely validated I was on track and had quality content, as the levels of appreciation and positive social amplification (likes, retweets, reblogs, etc.) went through the roof as well.

Needless to say, over the last 3 years, I’ve not only taken witness to what is able to be done, and what is not, I’ve seen a great deal of “The right way”, and unfortunately an immense amount of “the wrong way”… What I did though, was do something about it!

I made it my goal, my mission, my purpose, my dream, and my passion, to bring my vision of how the Social Web should be leveraged and enjoyed through developing a custom, cutting edge, Social Media Software as a Service; It’s a true 1.) SEARCH, 2.) CLICK-CONSTRUCT [Now Patent-Pending], &  3.) PUBLISH!

Not only does this software make influence outrageously easy to polarize for yourself, it automatically formats your content per correct social etiquette and content structure. Try it today, it’s FREE; or Contact Me to discuss private consultations and professional services.

A Little History:

19 years old – Went to work in “Business Development” for “Area Temps”, wildly surpassing all sales quotas in growing Area Temps staffing business.

20 years old – Ray Castel (Owner of “Search Masters, Inc., Cleveland, OH) noticed my high performance, and requested I leave Area Temps (also owned by Ray Castel) to come downtown and work for Search Masters on the “permanent placement” business.  So, I became Corporate Recruiter, a.k.a. “Head-Hunter”.

September 11th, 2001 left me “on the couch”…

2002 – 2004 Enlisted in the Army; (Got to live in Hawaii ; )  Yeah buddy!

2005 – Became Loan Officer at First Guarantee Mortgage; (300+ Loan Officer Brokerage)  From never discussing a single detail related to mortgages in my life, with no financial knowledge, I was in the top 5 revenue producing Loan Officer’s inside of 90 days.

2006 – Went to work for a Bank, (CFIC – Challenge Financial Investors Corporation) deciding this would be preferable to the brokerage.  Inside my first 60 days, I was made Sales Manager (First one ever named at this branch).  Around 10 months in, I was offered “Branch Partnership/Ownership”, as not only was I originating and closing the majority volume of business and majority volume of revenue, but was also managing all the LO’s, as well as processing a large portion of the files for underwriting.

2007 – Declined Branch Partnership w/ CFIC in favor of Commercial Mortgage and Holdings Company.  Worked on various extremely large financial, commodity, as well as flagged construction projects as the “Introduction Consultant”, as well as relationship and contract management.

These were some of my favorite years of my life, however I was “not paid” more often than I was paid, (sometimes you learn the hard way ; ) Suffice it to say, I took my lessons learned, and handful of quality connections made, and moved on.

2009 – Went to “work” as a Logistics Broker.  This I thought I would have enjoyed, but became absurdly bored, and yet in a fortunate twist of fate, discovered a new passion, “The Social Web”.

2009 – Present – Twitter Junkie, Passionate to speak on what “IS” the Social Web, what “IS” Social Media, and why it’s such a perpetually potent and positive energy source to the constellation of conscious personalities “Being” human upon the earth~!!

Building Social Media Software, learning everyday what new things can be done and how can we innovate in ways that take the User Experience past the “Pursuit of Happiness” into an effortless state of positive and influential bliss!!

2011 – Incorporated and Trademarked Mashoutable®